Junk Mail or Spam Mail

Junk Mail or Spam Mail

Junk Mail or Spam Mail

You get an email from someone you don’t know, or an impersonal one from your bank – that includes an attachment, a link or a form to complete.

The email may have the look of the bank or organization but you were not expecting anything (or maybe you were).
Typically they say “You were not home when we tried to deliver a parcel” Or “your account has been blocked”.

There are also the ones we’ve come to recognize as scams like “You have won $5,300,000.”.

But they are all the same – they want you to click the link or open the attachment. Never open any links or attachments from someone you don’t know. Some of these are blocked by anti-virus programs but many are not.

If you think the email might be genuine, phone and ask the sender using a phone number you find elsewhere (not from the email).

This is the most common method used to attack individuals.

A lot of such junk mail gets stopped before you see it by anti-virus measures on the servers but some still gets through.


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