What is technicalxender ?

What is technical xender ? What is Technical Xender ? Technical Xender is the portal which provides modded apps, cracked apps, cracked games, and paid apps for free on one click. We also provide free services like SEO audit, web development, graphics designing, logo designing, video editing and footprinting of targets with bug hunting. Content Writing and Proof reading are some especial services which you will get free with every services. Soon, we are going to give free animation designing with custom audio, app development, game development, AR and VR development, bot development with database . We also provide digital marketing services, PR services and account management SMO and SMM, but currently this service is paid yet in future we will make it free. Our services have been allocated according to web generation of platforms. On web 1.O we are an ed-tech portal means our blog

How to view instagram profile photo ?

How to view instagram profile photo? How to View instagram profile photo ? There are several ways to view profile picture of anyone, but it depends on the owner of the profile whether it has make it public or private. I am mentioning tricks of viewing dp of profile in both conditions. You can see Instagram posts without logging and anonymously. But in some tricks you have to wait for some minutes if you want good quality images verses for low quality images with quick loading. Public Profile or Normal Profile Method 1:- This strategy will work with both private and public profiles, yet in this method images will be blur and of lower quality compared to method 2 . Here we will use chrome browser and instagram. Follow the instructions given below. Just copy the profile URL from Instagram profile Open URL in the chrome browser Tap for 2 seconds on the image then dialog box will appear. Just click o

Seo Mafia v1.2 Course By Technical Ripon Free Download

Seo Mafia version 1.2 Course By Ripon Free Download Seo Mafia version 1.2 Course By Ripon Free Download  You have seen  many website providing  Seo Mafia course v1.2 by technical Ripon for free With the download button. The download button just redirect you to URL shorter website from where you will be shown lots of fake buttons to download and many fake notification occurs. But by mistake you click one of an button they  just redirect you to another page where they will show you a pop up to download different apps. We are giving you a direct link button to the google drive where you can just download.    Seo Mafia version 1.2 Course By Ripon Free Download 2nd link to download SEOmafia 1.2 version download

Hide profile pic on whatsapp

hide profile pic on whatsapp Hide profile pic on whatsapp To Hide profile pic in whatsapp without any app or website is not an difficult task just follow the instuctions given below. As you all know i have already explained you how to hide last seen in whatsapp Click on the three horizontal white dots. Click on the Setting option. Click on the Account option. Click on the Privacy option. Click On the option Profile Photo . Click on the option Nobody to hide from all relatives and friends. If you want to show your picture to your relatives and friend then choose option My Contacts .

Hide your last seen on whatsapp

Hide last seen on whatsapp Hide your last seen on whatsapp To hide your last seen on whatsapp follow the instructions given below. Step 1:- CLICK ON THE VERTICA THREE DOTS Step 2:- CLICK ON THE TAB SETTING Step 3:- CLICK ON THE OPTION ACCOUNT Step 4:- CLICK ON THE OPTION PRIVACY Step 5:- CLICK ON THE OPTION Last Seen Step 6:- CHOOSE THE OPTION NOBODY OR CHOSSE THE OPTION MY CONTACTS FOR SHOWING YOUR LAST SEEN TO MY CONTACTS ONLY NOTE:- Select the option according to your privacy concern and be carefull while using the option Nobody because it will also enable others last seen and you won't be able to other seen time but if you use My contacts option it will show you only last seen to your contacts only hide last seen of whatsapp,hide your last seen on whatsapp,hide your last seen in whatsapp,whatsapp hide last seen,last seen hide from whatsapp,hide last seen,last seen hide in whatsapp,hide last s

Youtube low quality videos problem fixed

Youtube low quality of videos problem fixed How to surf Youtube videos in 1080px To Surf in 1080px it is quite difficult in LOCKDOWN but not imposssible some tricks are given below to solve this problem. I st Method By Using old version youtube app By using old version of Youtube will definately help you. In my old smartphone i used youtube old version app = 14.43.55 in this youtube version app i am getting 360px default and i can able to increase 480px maximum but on the other hand i was using a new youtube version app= 15.14.33 auto 144px maximum and we can increase till 240px. Note :- In some videos they are giving same quality. Since the video quality also depends on videos you are watching. You can check other methods below if this don't work. II st Method :- By Doing Direct downloading Just click on the icon of your account on the right side. Just see in the bottom there will be an option name Settings Tap on it Clic

truecaller premium mod apk

Truecaller Premium Truecaller Premium truecaller premium mod apk Get all premium features of truecaller unlocked. It is not Truecaller Premium actually it is a Truecaller mod apk version in this app you will get all features like premium badge, who viewed my profile, incongito mode, call recording, no ads , powerfull blocking , more contact request. Truecaller Premium Truecaller Premium II LINK :- Truecaller Premium

call of duty mod apk

     call of duty mod apk       call of duty mod apk To download call of duty mod apk 2 GB space is needed. Using call of duty mod apk is at your own risk because it has risk of banning  your account . I am not sure about the compatibility of call of duty mod apk on your android device. It is much better than call of duty modded accounts . If any trouble occur while downloading call of duty mod apk please use VPN OR PROXY . call of duty mod apk  call of duty mod OBB file

Pubg modded apk

                   PUBG MODDED APK                Pubg modded apk Pubg modded apk You doesn't need root access to install this but if link doesn't work please use  VPN OR PROXY .

How to earn money with xender.

HOW TO EARN MONEY  WITH XENDER ? Xender How To Earn Money with xender app ? If you have remembered that I had already made an post comparing xender and sharing apps .Where I had told that in future i am going to tell how to earn money with xender . You were already knowing about the reach of xender is only 100 Million whereas share it has a reach more than 1 Billion. So it is more easier for you to earn on xender because of low user base. Step 1 :- Download The App by clicking link below. Step 2:-  After clicking you will get a  interface like this. Step 3:- Enter your Mobile Number to claim cash bonus than click "Download & Cash Out" button. Step 4:- After Download just open the app click "ME' button. Step 5:- Click on "Invite" button. Step 6:- Enter the invitation code USSFUB   in red envelope then " Click The Red envelope Button ". Step 7 :- Login using phone number or Fa